December 28th, 2008

Me 1

Exceedingly basic entry

Hi. Back from a road trip: Portland-Eugene-Portland, so I could hang out with Alicia (my Former Significant Other, or as I sometimes say, my FSO) for several hours. Books were exchanged, cats were skritched, jokes were shared, and food was eaten (good vegetarian rice bowls at Cafe Yumm). I even napped a needed nap; I was feeling low-energy this afternoon. I hope I'm not coming down with anything.

I've checked in with my folks and Alicia to let them know I made it home (despite seeing some really dumb driving on I-5). Next I'll leave for dinner and groceries: I'm in the mood to let someone else feed me.

I'll be more present later!
Good Omens

Go Alicia!

She's been exposed to the glory that is Con Air.

And she knows that seeing it in edited form on TBS or wherever means she's only been exposed to some of said glory (i.e. no Dave Chappelle going "As they say in Ebonics, we be fucked"), so she'll rent the DVD.

"Put, the bunny, BACK, in, the box." Heh.

She said "He should've been given a medal" when talking about Cameron Poe (Nic Cage) being found guilty of manslaughter when defending his wife. "That's justice."

And I think she now has a crush on John Cusack. Alicia has good taste in men. (Says her former boyfriend.)

Here's the IMDb Trivia page for the film, because I care to share.