December 29th, 2008

Whale fluke

Helping s00j, Step Next

Fundraisers and in-kind donations and other helpful-for-s00j things are now at saveours00j.

Recap: as I said on Saturday, S.J. "Sooj" Tucker has big-ass medical bills coming down the pike like an asteroid-sized boulder, and people are raising money to help her. Her boyfriend omnisti and one of her best friends, shadesong, created saveours00j as a central gathering place for announcing fundraisers. Art is being offered, as are editing services, with more fundraisers to come.

This week I'll donate to Le Cause De Sooj. You want to, too? Check out the community or go to Omnisti's original post about the situation. Can't donate money? Maybe donate something in-kind that you can post at saveours00j.
Blow My Mind

Carnage 1, Babes 0 (a dreaming thing)

Pop-culture stew of a dream last night.

Part of what could laughingly be called the "plot" involved me, ha ha, trying to get to sleep, and sleeping somewhere I wasn't supposed to sleep, and waking up to find that people I usually trust (i.e. people who I always trust in waking reality, and no, I'm not naming names) had moved things around and unplugged a clock radio and made other changes to the room where I was sleeping, so I woke up uncertain where I was and what time it was and slightly disorienting stuff like that. I sighed and got up. I knew they'd moved stuff around because I could see myself sleeping, and see everyone else doing their schlepping. (You can tell I take my sleeping seriously? And that I worry about sleeping disruptions?)

I also screwed up some sort of desktop machine in a bookstore, and the young guy running the place was understanding and all "It's okay, all you have to do to repair that is do this," but this (re-stringing whatever was on the desk) defeated me, so I just walked outside defeated (but not too defeated, as I had a Peter David novel) and read. In Honolulu. Near Pearl Harbor. Knowing also that oh crap. We're about to be attacked. Precognition is a harsh mistress, y'all.

In a detail sure to horrify David Walker, Cuba Gooding Jr. was in Hawaii, too. As the man he portrayed in Radio. He and a bunch of us were setting up deck chairs on the roof of the bookstore to watch the upcoming attack, like it was an outdoor screening of a disaster flick.

There also was a sad lack of babes. I mean, c'mon, we were in Hawaii! About-to-be-blown-away Hawaii, but still, some babes pre-carnage would've been nice. *grouse*