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First, an update: I didn't get the job I interviewed for last week. (It was a file clerk position for a law firm downtown.)

So I'm still looking, and, meanwhile, still eating, still reading, and still trying to get out.

That included going out Wednesday, starting in the afternoon and going into the night. It was a comfortable day, too, finally (FINALLY) starting to warm up and stay sunny. I visited two of the comics shops I frequent, first Books With Pictures on SE Division and Bridge City Comics on N Mississippi.

Bridge City that evening hosted a signing for a new graphic novel called My Boyfriend is a Bear; local artist Cat Farris*, whom I'm acquainted with, drew, colored, and painted the book for author Pamela Ribon. I'm looking forward to reading this: people I trust say it's a surprising and gentle comedy-drama, with a touch of satire on modern dating, because the main character is a woman who falls for a brown bear. A bunch of people attended the signing, AS YOU HOPE PEOPLE DO, giving Farris support. (At the same time Farris and the book's publisher, Oni Press here in Portland, were dealing with a Diamond distribution snafu that kept other comic book shops from getting My Boyfriend is a Bear Wednesday as they were supposed to; that is frustrating, and won't be rectified until early next month. The book has gotten to bookstores like Powell's and Barnes & Noble, however, as different companies handle bookstore distribution.) An enthusiastic group in an enthusiastic store — meaning, the people who own and run Bridge City Comics are enthusiastic. A good group; a good reason to get out.

After that, I had dinner at a new ramen place (plus a couple of pieces of sushi; I hadn't had sushi in a while; mmmm) then, wanting to get more use from the TriMet day pass, bussed and MAXed over to the Glisan St. Fred Meyer to get a few basic groceries.

* Farris has also contributed to Disney's Moana and the forthcoming Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet. Her husband and fellow artist Ron Chan does the Dark Horse comic Plants Vs. Zombies.
Tags: books, peregrinations

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