Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Small plume at Mt. St. Helens

We've got volcanic activity, right here in River City: Mt. St. Helens has sent up a small plume.

You can watch it from the VolcanoCam, a few miles away from the crater, here. (Edited to Add: To quote Tim Riley, "It's not a threat, it's a treat." This shows that this is not a major eruption: no super-heated boulders, no rivers of boiling hot magma wiping Vancouver off the face of the earth, no mysterious SMERSH space shuttles launching out of the crater...)

I watched this during lunch and thought "cool." (Yeah, I'm watching things being done by boiling hot magma and I say "cool." I have no vocab.) I'll also add that the mountain's been erupting continually since September 2004; sometimes it's just showier than others.

That said, it's gotta be a neat view from the OHSU Tram...
Tags: portland

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