Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Adventures in "It takes a village"

THE KID IS OKAY. There, a disclaimer so there's no suspense:

Earlier, I was at the coffee shop across from Mt. Scott Park and Community Center, chatting with someone who works there when she looked out the window and said "Toddler! Toddler!" A toddler was on his own on the sidewalk, walking towards the intersection of 72nd and Harold Street. I and other people sprang into action: I jogged to that side of the road; someone in an SUV slowed down then stopped on Harold, so no one headed eastbound could sneak up on the kid. The kid, luckily, stayed on the sidewalk and then turned back toward the community center. I stayed near him, trying not to spook him, and was relieved when he opened a door to go into the center. "Need help with that?" I called ahead. More good luck: a friend of his mother was inside. She recognized him and told him "Looking for your mom? Let's find your mom." She walked with him back out into the park, where his mom was relieved to see him. He'd gotten away from her: "I thought he'd go left, he went right," his mom said.

Team effort! And we were able to make sure the kid was okay.

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