January 27th, 2009

Whale fluke

Do what you can, do what you can, task at hand, task at hand...

Stuff's on my mind. Blogs wouldn't exist without stuff on our minds, of course, but you probably know what I mean.

The Quiet Job (why not call it that? I haven't written about it nearly as much as previous jobs) is wrapping up this week. That's after three-and-a-half months, thanks to a few assignment extensions. I've known that it's ending, and I'll be back in touch with my temp agency to see what the next assignment will be, but still, the job's treated me well and let me earn money so I'm a little melancholy about it ending. Amps up my personal uncertainty, too. I have to remind myself Dude, you've gotten work before, and you'll do it again.

Now to speak more generally: I've been thinking as much as I can about a lot of you, and the uncertainty and problems you're all living with. Man, I want to give a group hug to all of you. You could probably use the hug. I could probably use the hug.

...there. That was general enough, I think.

Okay, work stuff approaches. I have my assignments to do, things to inventory and/or clean up, people to visit with, and walking to do. And whatever's next, is whatever's next.

Keeping my goals simple. Good idea for the moment.

All the best for all of you. Or at least better for all of you.

And now for something completely different (hello, newcomers!)

You may have read me say before that I can take a hella long time to friend someone back. I've finally done so for a few people. Hi.

So you know, you weren't missing much: I don't friends-lock very many entries. I was bored about a week ago and counted, and saw that of the 3,007 entries I'd written by then, I'd locked 98 of them. That's 0.03% of my output. (Thank you, calculator!)
iAm iSaid

Out of the Rabbit Hole

Today's the anniversary of the birth of Lewis Carroll, which glorious madman crisper celebrates with Rabbit Hole Day, where he encourages people to, well, Write Different. Write six impossible things before breakfast and all that. I've done it before, wanted to do it again, but completely spaced on it happening today until someone mentioned it. Hmph. I've got nothing prepared. Crap, I've liked doing it.

Oh well, I can revel in what I did in 2006, and in '07, and in '08...