February 1st, 2009

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I should have a U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 icon.

My searching abilities are failing me at the moment. (Using "100x100" as a Google Images search parameter didn't work; the number of LJ communities that might have such icons if I search and search and search is daunting.) So:

Could you point me towards where I could find icons of the Enterprise, either original series or the first three movies (i.e., before Kirk and Co. blew it up)? Images of the digitally redone Enterprise from the recent special editions of Classic Trek episodes might work, too.

This post has been brought to you by my desire to Have More Icons. Any help is appreciated.

"There are always possibilities, Spock said..."
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Quiet Super Bowl Sunday

* Home for this Super Bowl. I considered heading out today, either to my parents' place or to a theater or pub projecting the film, but I decided on a low-impact Super Bowl day. Plus I'm less likely to spend money by staying home.

* I didn't watch last year's Super Bowl (18-1 record! Suck on that! Yeah, I've never warmed to the Patriots). I was at the Bagdad's Grindhouse Film Festival, watching Road House.

* Today's excitement? Cleaning.

* I took out my composting to the little black incubators we have outside our building, and I saw plenty of worms making their way through the soil and trash, beavering (if I may mix animal metaphors) through to make this into richer soil.

I thought It's the good kind of having worms!

* Good food is a good thing for Super Bowl Sunday. I'm going to spend the next couple of hours making lentil soup. My family modified the Rheinlander's lentil soup recipe. A Rheinlander recipe is a good place to start. I like our lentil soup.
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Whale fluke

A Good Weekend, Part Two

The game: well played.

The lentil soup: well made.

The newspaper: read.

Quite a few shouts at the TV: said.

(I'm in the mood for easy rhymes.)

* * *

...there. I stopped before starting to use too easy rhymes. ;-)

I'm glad I stayed home, and took it easy. It's been a good thinking day: about stuff related to me and other stuff related to my friends. To be very generic for a moment, a lot of you are in my thoughts. Why you are, well, you probably know from comments I've left and messages I've e-mailed you. Telepathy doesn't work. For me. Yet. Thank goodness I can send thoughts other ways...

Stay classy, San Diego Have a good week, all of you.

P.S. I added several comments to Peter David's running commentary on the Super Bowl and, more to the point, the Super Bowl ads.