February 2nd, 2009

Blow My Mind

"It's" or "Its"? "It's" or "Its"? I GIVE UP!!!

Or so someone must have said: The British city of Birmingham has officially dropped the apostrophe from all the town's place names and street signs.

As Rick Emerson pointed out today, St. Paul's Square is now St. Pauls Square: "Instead of a square named for St. Paul, it's now a square with many, many, many St. Pauls."

City officials claim the apostrophes are "confusing." This has somehow been an issue for decades, according to the article, and officials finally got sick of it ("We keep debating apostrophes in meetings and we have other things to do").

And those of us who strive to make English LESS CONFUSING weep.
Whale fluke

Do NOT. FUCK. With Harlan Ellison.

I read Harlan Ellison. I read the forum, Unca Harlan's Art Deco Dining Pavilion, where he actually posts and one of the few parts of the Internet he likes to visit. I've quoted him many times. I've also, usually, avoided one particular poster's posts, on account of how I often find those posts to be MADDENING. They're by a man named Frank Church, who I only know from his posts there. He and Harlan have had good dealings, and Harlan has defended him in the past when others have gotten mad at him. Then this happened.

One of the issues being discussed on the forum right now is the current level of Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Harlan had seen the recent 60 Minutes report on the fighting and admitted he was now far more conflicted about it than he'd been before.

Frank Church then posted:
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And Harlan. Laid. The Smackdown. On him:

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2/03/09 7 a.m. edit: Frank put up a rebuttal:
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8:30: I felt it was worth adding some more of the back-and-forth regarding Church's comments:
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