February 6th, 2009

Blow My Mind

Who's a good fish? Who's a good fish?

So the fact that a foot-long fish was floating in the air in a dream I had isn't what I found most striking about that fish. It's that that fish was remarkably dog-like the way it behaved. Just airborne. I wanted to pet it. A little harder to do when something's airborne. (You ever tried petting a flying bird? Of course, most birds are smaller than this fish...)

There was also hiking on a near-vertical path on a forested hill. Climbing and hanging on for dear life to tree trunks were involved. And no, *I* couldn't float then, even though it would've been convenient.

So, yeah, odd dreams last night.

In totally Not-Work-Safe comic strip news (in other words, don't click on this, Mom and Dad), Sven gets into trouble. I was going to say "Sven's dick gets him into trouble," but one must take responsibility for one's dick, mustn't one. (This is some of the most strangely civilized cheating I've ever seen.)

Uh, they're all on screens? That's the link?

If all goes well, I’ll see three utterly different things on movie screens today:

Coraline, which I’m going down to Eugene to see so I can treat huge Neil Gaiman fan Alicia to it;

The latest Battlestar Galactica, the whole “Adama tried for war crimes” episode;

And True Romance, the latest KUFO Cort and Fatboy Late Night Movie (one I’d meant to mention earlier but never got around to doing). I’ll watch it with the thought a college friend implanted in my mind back in the day, which was “Christian Slater did a good job in this film because he stopped imitating Jack Nicholson and started imitating Harrison Ford.”

Both Battlestar and True Romance are at the Bagdad, starting at 10:00, and are FREE. And Coraline, I do not mind paying to see that; I’m hearing very good things about it and I want the film to do well.

Road-tripping and movies. Should be a good day.

This somehow makes me smile

Seen on Film Score Monthly's Friday update:
Composer Ron Jones (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Family Guy) and his group The Expanded Influence Jazz Orchestra will be performing at Charlie O's Jazz Club at 8 p.m. this Sunday night (February 8th), at 13725 Victory Blvd in Van Nuys. The featured vocalist will be Family Guy's creator/star Seth McFarlane.
Yay Ron Jones! I liked him from his TNG days, and was impressed with how he rebuilt his career after getting canned from that show. Family Guy is a strangely right job for him: he gets to do the action episodes, like whenever Peter gets attacked by the giant chicken or the one where Mini-Stewie attacks the sperm*. And when that happens, Jones's music is (as I've said before) like Jerry Goldsmith on crack. Not something you usually hear in sitcoms!
* Thank you, makers of Family Guy, for giving me the chance to write the line "Mini-Stewie attacks the sperm."