February 16th, 2009

iAm iSaid

An LJ Request

To those who know me reasonably well:

Have any suggestions for LJ people you read who you think I'd like reading? I'm in the mood to explore a few more people's blogs. (I still remember and appreciate shadesong steering me towards merovingian. "You'd like him," she said.)

I don't feel like doing/going to a full-blown "friending frenzy" -- those get overwhelming for me pretty quickly -- so this should be an easier way to find others to read.
Whale fluke

A way too belated birthday note for electrcspacegrl

Catching up on a birthday I should've noted over a week ago: electrcspacegrl.

She's a passionate, committed, engaged fan, whether it's of the work of Joss Whedon or the makers of Mad Men. She's heavily involved in Portland Browncoat events -- I last saw her running a table at Can't Stop the Serenity 2008 -- and points people towards TV shows she finds worthy or potentially worthy.

She's also a committed improver. I've watched through her journal as she works on improving, and maintaining, both her health and her relationship life. I hope that keeps working for her. She does good work for herself.

I hope your birthday was happy, electrcspacegrl.

P.S. I apologize for being late.
Good Omens

Now I can *really* clean my face

I'll risk hearing a bunch of you go "Noooooo!" (or "Do Not Want!"):

I've shaved my VanDyke. Being clean-shaven is probably better for my current job hunt.

I'll grow it back at some point, don't fret!

An added note: Seems to me somehow that my head looks larger when it's clean-shaven. Don't ask me why.
Flavored Calories.

Miscellaneous food post


*looks at word "food," wondering what further thoughts it'll spur*

Uh...food is good.

*looks a little more*

Tangent! Here's a phrase to remind you of three different "oo" sounds in English: Blood is good food. Say it and, if you're paying attention, you can feel the three different vowel sounds coming from three different parts of your mouth. "Blood" has the "oo" near the roof of the mouth, "good" is closer to the middle, "food" is near the back and the tongue. Once upon a time in earlier English, all three sounds would've been the same, spelled with one o, and pronounced like "oh." Things changed. (So did people, hairstyles, and interest rates.)

Pay attention to your mouth. Interesting things happen in it.

No particularly interesting meals lately for me. Cheap, basic food is my friend right now. That's the joy of the McMenamin's chicken curry rice bowl: it's cheap and good and filling. I had it for dinner last Friday waiting for Battlestar Galactica at the Bagdad.

And I'm craving pizza. May my next pizza be, if possible, especially good pizza.

Hey, I said this would be miscellaneous, right?
iAm iSaid

Oh, Google, you know what I like

Meme taken from smwance: Type "[your name] likes to" into Google, quotes included, and see what results come up:

Walsh likes to come down to earth with his best pal, a Dublin postman earning one thirtieth of his salary.
Walsh likes to prepare his materials and mental energies ahead of time.
Walsh likes to play golf, which he played at CM in seventh- and eighth grade.
Walsh likes to invert values and stresses of his foes.
Walsh likes to be seen as having spent his political life trying to curtail sectional biases in policy-making.
Walsh likes to use the draft to fill the two toughest positions on the floor, center and point guard...
Walsh likes to cook in her West Town apartment.
Walsh likes to walk (2 miles a day), travel to the beach, read, and participate in church activities.
Walsh likes to tell people about one of her earliest experiences as a Republican in San Francisco.
Walsh likes to point out that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts air travel will only contribute 3% of global CO2 emissions by 2050
Walsh likes to donate money to charities and politicians and like everyone else dislikes taxes especially real estate taxes.
Walsh likes to make light of his bumpy start at the UK giant.
Walsh likes to describe his record shop as the result of 40 years of collecting.
Walsh likes to talk.
Walsh likes to call the concept behind Kevin’s World “pop-up retail”...
Walsh "likes to use a knife." (Just for cooking! Really! Cooking!)
Walsh likes to read, travel, cook, and garden when she's not teaching.
Walsh likes to set his sprightly, low-budget movies -- the 1996 cult favorite Ed's Next Move and now Pipe Dream, opening here Friday -- in Manhattan.
Walsh likes to snowboard, water ski, bike ride, and write music.
Walsh likes to work with Bobby Donlon. So do I. So do a lot of other people.
Walsh likes to quip that "nobody said life would be easy."

The results for "Christopher likes to" and "Chris likes to" weren't all that interesting. "Christ likes to," on the other hand... *awaits lightning bolt for Googling that*
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