March 5th, 2009


It's aoniedesade Birthday Time! Woo hoo!

Someone else I’m glad is celebrating a birthday? Another longtime Net friend of mine named aoniedesade.

She’s my Mississippi-New Orleans connection: if I ever get to that part of the country, I hope to run into her. (This is a reminder to myself that I need to get the heck to New Orleans sometime!) I also met Aonie through Les Phorums Des greygirlbeast and docbrite, who brought together many worthwhile people for me to meet circa 2003, and so to Caitlin and Doc I say thank you.

Aonie managed to find cute tarantulas. Really. Her younger spider Aoifa has personality, and when she was younger her personality was remarkably like that of Gir from Invader Zim. (“Crickets crickets crickets crickets crickets.” Aonie will know what I’m talking about.) Her and her other spider Claudia make me glad I can appreciate spiders. At least the not-too-huge spiders. They get to hand-sized, I start to lose that sangfroid…

Aonie also has been a calming influence over the phone. It’s easy for the two of us to talk that way. “Our good rapport” is not just a phrase that rhymes with “Colbert Report.”

Happy birthday, aoniedesade. May there be beauty and hotness surrounding you.
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Happy Nephew Birthday Time, too!

I’ll also note an off-LJ birthday. Two of them.

My identical twin nephews Robbie and Eric Walsh are age 7 now.

On March 5th, 2002, I jumped, hooted and fist-pumped (while at work, mind you) after checking in and hearing that, yep, they’d been born and they and my sister-in-law Cindy were all healthy and fine. I met the dudes in person that July, at their home in Virginia. Snuggling, baby-holding and goofy noise-making were big agenda items on that visit.

Now they’re handsome, energetic young men going to school (getting to walk through a willing neighbor’s yard, so maybe the walk to school feels more like a Fun Hike!) who make Cindy and my brother T.J.’s lives increasingly interesting. And they were already pretty compelling pre-kids…

Me has good nephews, and I’m glad to know them.

Happy birthday, Robbie and Eric.

This is all I'll say:

Mark Knopfler's music makes me feel better.

Huh. This entry's short enough to be a Twitter entry. Not that I'm going to start using Twitter...
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