March 6th, 2009

NCC-1701 Nebula 2

Work that worked: "Star Trek: The Exhibition"

I just wrote this in a friend's entry (friends-locked, so I won't link to it) asking what unique jobs we've done:

A volunteer gig at the National Air & Space Museum in August 1992, at Star Trek: The Exhibition. This is still possibly the coolest gig I've ever had. We helped with pass-taking (the exhibit was so hugely popular that people needed free passes to enter at certain times), traffic and crowd control, and just talking Star Trek. And I'd been a fervent Trek fan since 1983, and I had plenty I could talk about with people.

I was there the day that the exhibit's 500,000th visitor showed up. Luckily, he was a fan of both Original Trek and Next Gen Trek, not some non-fan along to appease a significant other who wanted to geek out about seeing original tribbles. You see me in some of the news coverage shots. (There was a close-up of my arms as I sorted passes.) The exhibit ran for 11 months total; had it been open a month more, it would've had one million visitors.

The cherry on top of that assignment was a Labor Day Weekend event Air & Space also hosted, where we Star Trek volunteers helped. The museum set up a tent on the grassy block next door (the block where the National Museum of the American Indian now stands) and did an expo on prototype Mars rovers. Some a foot long, some big (one was 18 feet tall). I also took pictures: I'm fond of the moment where a bunch of kids were allowed forward to touch and herd a cute, bug-like rover that would back up and change direction if it ran into obstacles.

Not paid in money, but paid in memories. I'm glad I did that.

As for actual paid gigs, I've directed traffic at a county fair (hand gestures and an orange vest were my tools!), helped set up a one-weekend book sale in a closed Home Depot (now a supermarket, last time I was back in Northern Virginia), driven cars (real beaters) at a car auction, and taken driver surveys at gas stations.
TOS: NCC-1701

Friends in Transit

I'm hoping for good travel for my friends slipjig and rafaela. They're heading from Upstate New York to Boston for the weekend-long birthday party for our mutual friend shadesong. Others are gravitating towards 'Song's place, as well. s00j (who I know) and catvalente (who I'll meet in person come April) are already there, looks like. yendi is there, because he lives there, too (so does his and 'Song's daughter Elayna (I'm being very specific and detailed and OCD here, aren't I?)).

I'm hoping for love, hugs, good presents, good music, and jokes for them all this weekend.

Have a happy time, guys.
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