March 8th, 2009

Good Omens

FLASHBACKS: "The Synthesizer and the Odyssey," 6/9/1997

Not that this comes anywhere near beating the records of several friends of mine, but I can look online and find stuff I've written from 1997 on.

I did a bunch of spec work for Film Score Monthly's website back then (after I'd contributed three articles to FSM's print edition), and that stuff's still findable by searching. I'll link and share it.

Like my June 9th, 1997 sort-of-review of the miniseries version of The Odyssey.

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FLASHBACKS: "Music and Storytelling of the May Sweeps," 1997

Okay, if I'm going to be honest in this re-linking of old articles of mine, I should include my...over-enthusiastic, under-critical moments. Some occur here, in a big two-part review I wrote of some of the major TV events from the May 1997 sweeps. (Hey, they were major then. TWELVE YEARS ON, these, um, probably don't hold up. In fact, I know leonardpart6 has reviewed, and eviscerated, at least a couple of 'em.) Sometimes I'm a critic, sometimes I just sound like one (a frequent failing of a young writer), but I think I made some good points here. ("Evil big band music" is a phrase that brings me joy.)

Warning to kradical: I rip into Rockne O'Bannon for his work on the miniseries Robin Cook's Invasion, in those days before he'd finally shown again that he was capable of good work by creating Farscape. (I'd read Harlan Ellison's column dismantling O'Bannon's work on the 1988 film Alien Nation, where Harlan said Rock, I'm your friend, and I need to tell you: YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS ALIEN NATION CRAP.)

Link to Part I, put online on June 18th, 1997.

Link to Part II, online July 6th, 1997.

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NCC-1701 Regula

greyduck. A birthday has happened.

This time greyduck is the birthdayer.

We've known each other for...for a while, in fact. (Was it NaNoWriMo 2002 when we met? Earlier?) Some of the constants in that time have been him, his kids, his computer skills and his interest in anime. Plenty of other stuff has changed in the meantime, and we've soldiered through those changes, but we've kept in touch. He's let me in on Portland radio knowledge, enabling my media geekdom, and has been a proud geek. (He's the son of geeks. They named him Karel after the Polish Czech writer who invented the term "robot.")

I want this to become a good year for you, greyduck. I certainly hope this has been a good birthday.

Thinking of you...