April 5th, 2009


Climbing out of the mood hole

Woke up feeling a little moody and emotional. Been working to change that, to be in a better mood. One help: the Gorillaz song "Rock The House." Grooving and head-bobbing often helps, and I like hearing the horns.

Having an interesting chat with crystalsage has helped, too. We've touched on music and star signs; she knows much more about sign interpretation than I do.

I'm also starting to see spiders around. I like spiders, so I consider this Of The Good. I just saw one walking on the outside of a window.

Today Portland will get plenty of sun, and more warmth than this year has had before. I see a breeze: tree branches are jostling. Warmth is coming. Good things are happening. Good things can happen.

(And now I've reached the Gorillaz track "M1A1." Something just makes me smile about hearing that voice going "Helloooooo? Is anyone there? Helloooooo...")
Whale fluke

This is important to me:

Sometimes it's a personal breakthrough just to know you can fall in love.

I think that, when I finally have more than a crush on someone, I'll be able to tell. And that I'll be able to act on it.

Peace and love, everyone.
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    "The Punk Show" on KUFO, Hans Zimmer's score to "Drop Zone" on computer