April 8th, 2009

Flavored Calories.

yendi's Birthday!

yendi is the latest birthday-celebrating person who I read. Happy birthday, Adam!

He can work magic with tech that's, well, magic to me. His link-rounding-up prowess is legendary. His smartassedness -- like in his movie reviews (see a bunch here) -- is worthy. He puns by the ton. (Yes, I just verbed "pun." You can just ignore that if it bugs you.) And he eats well, and writes well about eating well.

And on top of all that, he makes his wife and my friend shadesong very, very happy.

So I toast the Jewish McDreamy (he really does need to be played by Patrick Dempsey in the movie of his life). May this day bring many good things to his tongue.
Me 1

A satisfying profanity moment

I should write an entry about how I relate to profanity. Be part of my thoughts on language, of which profanity is a tool.

That's the justification for the quote that's next.

I've gone back to watching Season 1 of Friday Night Lights, and I'm about halfway through the season and I just saw the episode where Jason (recovering from a football career-ending accident) has played wheelchari rugby for the first time. He's not bad, and at times he's good: he's realizing he might be suited for this game, especially after he body-checks a player. It looks like they're about to trash-talk, then the other player just smiles at Jason. Jason looks like he's going to enjoy rugby.

I kind of wanted to see Jason trash-talk. I imagined it, even. Then I yelled, like I was in the gym with them, "You gave some shit...'cause you had some shit to give!"

Good "Bring it!" moment, is why I was moved to say that.