April 19th, 2009


I'm alive! (But what do I look like?)

More about yesterday will appear on this blog. Yesterday involved Stumptown Comics, dozens of blocks of walking, and Chris quotes like "How 'bout just some ice cubes?" and "What's the USPS rate for a shitload?"

But here's a puzzle for now:

Yesterday, for his birthday, kradical asked people to post pictures of themselves. I did. (It's the picture Mike Russell took of me before the March 13th 'Battlestar Galactica' screening.) Keith replied
Y'know, without the beard, you look like the love child of Anthony Edwards and Matt Frewer......
to which I said
Huh. And I'd thought I looked like Paul Giamatti with more hair...
Why not open it up to the floor? Do I resemble anybody, other than Generic Northern European Blond Guy? Dawn and Patrick once said I reminded them of Seventies-era Gene Wilder. Any other ideas?

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Whale fluke


A large part of the blogging experience is leaving comments in reply to other people's posts and comments. I try to leave interesting comments. I'll share some.

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R.I.P., J.G. Ballard

Author J.G. Ballard has died.

Peaceful rest, Mr. Ballard.

His novels included the World War II story Empire of the Sun and Crash (made by David Cronenberg into a film); I've read and enjoyed Ballard's Hello, America, his 1981 post-apocalyptic novel about a mostly abandoned United States (nothing but desert east of the Rockies, something else west of them) and an expedition back to the continent. This is the novel with a psychotic man who's building a new empire out of Las Vegas and calling himself "President Charles Manson." Not quite a comedy, but often darkly funny. I've been meaning to read more Ballard.

(For reference: J.G. Ballard's website. And another obit.)
Whale fluke

R.I.P., Les Sarnoff

Les Sarnoff, a Portland radio fixture since the 1970s, has died of cancer.

He kept working until a few months ago -- leaving the grind and 2 a.m. wake-up calls of the KINK FM morning show where he'd been since the Eighties, and returning to his early love, music-DJ duties -- while also treating his cancer. He recently went on full disability to devote his energy to treatment.

He was a good guy -- the sort of good guy whose daily routines included carrying his older dog up stairs -- and he had wonderfully intense and weird moments back when he shared morning show duties with newsman Mike Rich (now the screenwriter of Finding Forrester and others), who could bring out that side of Les. I listened to Sarnoff's show the morning of 9/11. His was never a classic radio voice, but it fit the more independent, offbeat nature of KINK FM.

I'm glad I heard you, Les Sarnoff.