April 22nd, 2009

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shadesong is...THE RAFFLER!

My kickass friend shadesong has a kickass daughter named Elayna. (Kickassedness runs in the family. Runs in her circle of friends, too.) 'Song and her husband yendi (also kickass) want to send Elayna to Explo, a summer learning program that is (wait for it) kickass.

And one way of raising money: A raffle!

Up for grabs: Knitted goods, handmade jewelry, custom poems and stories, Tuckerizations (authors naming a character after you in one of their stories), music, food, and more. It's all listed here, along with the raffle ticket prices and fundraising incentives (if they meet certain fundraising goals, extra-cool things will happen). Check it out. The raffle is open until midnight Eastern Time Friday, May 1st, a week and a half from now.

(I pointed out another fundraiser earlier, yendi's renewed "Days of Horror" movie review series. Check this out as well.)
Whale fluke

No great grand Earth Day message

Yes, Chris, it's okay to drive even on Earth Day.

I went out to get groceries with just-about-to-expire coupons. I had a reason to drive! The thing is, I really haven't driven much lately, so I'm extra aware of how often I do drive.

This ties into my walking more. The last three Saturdays in a row I've gone on intentionally long walks across large swaths of Portland, especially SE (with excursions into NE last Saturday thanks to Stumptown Comics). This may be a good habit.

Peace tonight, y'all. Sleep well and be ready for tomorrow. I hope you're ready for tomorrow by tomorrow! If you wake up ready for March 14, 1996, you're out of luck, 'cause that passed a while ago...
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