May 15th, 2009


Time to be cheeky.

Time to write. Time to write Something. Something silly.

(Three, maybe four of you know what I'm talking about. More of you will know soon.)

In accidental tribute to writer apocalypsos, I have Pepsi at the ready. Sugar water will not fail me!

*gets all determined and stuff*
Good Omens

Y'know what Twilight needed? More explosions.

Which I have provided.

You're welcome.

Okay. less cryptic now!

I just wrote and sent off 508 words that will go up at the website of Peter David, Writer of Stuff as Part 27 of the collaborative novel Potato Moon. (Which is explained in its anticipated glory in Peter's first post on the subject. And yes, glorious is what it has become.) I'll link you to my chapter when it goes live!