May 22nd, 2009

NCC-1701 Nebula 2

My favorite mistake? NO

Oy. I'm chagrined. I made a mistake at work that we can't correct until Tuesday, and that'll take some extra effort that will annoy the people in the main Oklahoma City office. And it meant I had to hear a sad customer tell me "You didn't do your job." Not a fatal error, and Robin (my main co-worker) will help me with whatever needs to be done, but still: Oy.

I'll hope my good track record so far (and my willingness to own up to and correct my other, smaller mistakes) will mean I can KEEP WORKING THIS JOB. (It may help that, honestly, whoever was in my job beforehand was far more mistake-prone, and did things like answer the phone when a fax was coming in. Okay, that was catty of me to bring that up, but again, I'm annoyed.) "We'll see what happens" is all I can say at the moment, so: We'll see what happens.
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