May 25th, 2009

iAm iSaid

Birthday Catchup. (Which sounds like "Birthday Ketchup." Which sounds a little kinky.)

I've been negligent in my birthday-greetings thing this month, and I've missed some. Time to rectify that.

So happy belated birthdays to:

* Matt Spencer, known LJ-ically as happyspector (Monday, May 11th), who's kept writing, is getting short stories published, and is going to get published more one of these days;

* yvonnemason (Sunday, May 17th), a relatively recent adopter of this LiveJournal (howdy! I hope you had fun on your birthday!);

* One of the Loris reading this, theloriest (Monday, May 18th), who I know had fun on her birthday;

* and today's celebrant, docbrite! May there be good food, good cat-snuggling, and good gardening weather.

There. Caught up. I missed doing these. (And Doc's birthday celebration message is NOT belated, unless Doc's already gone back to sleep and doesn't read this until tomorrow...)
Whale fluke

A new favorite word?

Whoa, c/o the Merriam-Webster Word of the Day for Monday, May 25th:

meaning: becloud, obscure

Example sentence: The essays include a significant amount of digression and extra commentary, all of which tends to obnubilate the author's main point.

Did You Know?
The meaning of "obnubilate" becomes clearer when you know that its ancestors are the Latin terms "ob-" (meaning "in the way") and "nubes" ("cloud"). It's a high-flown sounding word, which may be why it often turns up in texts by and about politicians. In fact, when the U.S. Constitution was up for ratification, 18th-century Pennsylvania statesman James Wilson used it to calm fears that the president would have too much power: "Our first executive magistrate is not obnubilated behind the mysterious obscurity of counsellors... He is the dignified, but accountable magistrate of a free and great people."
And my silly side giggles at the word "noob" appearing in the word.

The mighty tromping

This long weekend has been bookended by lazy stay-at-home days (reading, sorting stuff, watching more of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 6), and in between both lazy stay-at-home days was a bunch of tromping around east Portland. My legs worked well for me Sunday!

The Rt. 70 bus to NE Sandy, and up Sandy for several blocks until the Rt. 12 bus caught up: catching-up shopping at Cosmic Monkey Comics; walking back down Sandy to the nearest library for computer use; walking for, I think, my first time past the traffic circle at NE 39th and Glisan, where the Joan of Arc statue is (I think I've always just gone through in vehicles before); browsing and a few bucks' worth of shopping at Music Millennium; cutting through Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery for the first time; and finally having a small and satisfying dinner at Noho's Hawaiian Cafe at SE 26th and Clinton. Dinner was saimin (a Japanese noodle soup with sweet pork) and a side of kim chee: a small, cool and bite-you-back-a-bit spicy cabbage bowl.

I'm proud that once I got off the #12 bus, I walked the rest of the way. I've been doing big walks like that at least once a weekend since, well, a lot of weekends ago. I've gotten to go through neighborhoods, often very cute ones, that I've never seen before. I could insert my usual Portland gushing here, but I guess it's implied.

Oh, I should mention I was plenty sunblocked, with a ballcap. I knew I'd be out for a while in warm, sunny weather, and my perfect-for-Gothness paleness wanted to stay pale and not, y'know, burnt into jerky.

And that was a good chunk of my weekend.
Whale fluke

The summer of '89, in handy 2009 form!

Because leonardpart6 was kind enough to link to it: critic Brian Orndorf is revisiting the summer movies of 1989, one week at a time. He starts with the Memorial Day weekend releases of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and the Clint Eastwood-Bernadette Peters action-comedy Pink Cadillac. Plus, as an aside, he salutes the one-week-previous release of Road House:
Now it’s an omnipresent, overtly cutesy pop culture punchline, but 20 years ago “Road House” was a superlative goofball classic that was absolute catnip to my 13-year-old mind. I was way too young to see it, but that never stopped me before. The explosion of redneck defiance, Sam Elliot’s spot-on impression of KY jelly, freewheeling sexuality, scorching Jeff Healey Band blues, and Patrick Swayze’s Zen-like barroom-busting badassery probed deep into my virginal soul. It was mesmerizing: a bloodied, battered Penthouse Letter brought to life and ready to yank out your voice box. I had never witnessed a picture like it before.
Cartoon Chris

Whoa! I'm a Toon!

Thank you so much, onezumi, for

making me a cartoon!

Now for the serious part of this post: onezumi is holding a special donation sale after her car got rear-ended this weekend. She and her husband are okay, but they -- well, to be exact, their car -- can use money. $10 gets you something like what she drew here (right there! Right above these words!). She also can do other art.

By the way, I had her base the icon on