May 26th, 2009

Me 1

Yes, Subconscious Chris,

you don't really have to remind me that I still think my former girlfriend Alicia is really, really hot.

NICE dream, though. Whoa.

Also nice that I'm not angsting about it. I don't usually dream about (to use Borat's term) "sexy time," so that dream was, um, a nice change of pace.

I'd say "I'll be in my bunk," but I do kind of have to get ready for the day.
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Tomorrow is another day

Yes it is.

...okay, I'm in the wrong head-space for a coherent, interesting, revivifying post. "Revivifying" would probably be a bad idea at this very moment, anyway, because sleeping is the better goal right now.

But I wanted to say something.

See ya when it's light out across most of the U.S.!