May 30th, 2009

Blow My Mind


One of my bus drivers today? This close to looking like Never Say Never Again-era Sean Connery.

Plus a passenger looked like a cross between Chloë Sevigny and Beth Riesgraf.

(Speaking of Riesgraf, she's in town shooting Leverage, and who else was in town yesterday? Her man Jason Lee! I was mere miles from Brodie/Banky/Earl!)
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Yeah, frak

The Battlestar miniseries DVD quit on me about 3/5 of the way through, so I just barely saw a bit of Baltar meeting Roslin and nothing past that. Hazard of a library copy that's been seen by a lot of people; sometimes they're too banged up for watching on my somewhat sensitive little DVD unit.

I got the gist, and I've already put a hold on the Battlestar Season 1 DVD set (which also has the miniseries on it) so I'll see the whole thing eventually. I watched the supplements to finish things off.

Because before now I've mainly been exposed to the HOLY CRAP levels of story chaos of the show's final episodes, I was a little surprised that the opening is almost a little sedate, at least more sedate than I'd expected. There is a sense of urgency, but it's still not as strong as what happened in that final battle, which of course was HOLY CRAP moment followed by HOLY CRAP moment. (I still remember how I kept thinking Holy Crap, they Went There. And that's why I had no problem with the series finale having 40 full minutes of come-down after that, because again, dude, INTENSE. You need time to decompress.) Here the show's finding its footing, but again, a touch surprisingly, it's sedate considering the Cylons are killing billions of people.

I was rather happy, though, that Tigh was a drunk from his first scene, and that he had relationship issues from the start as well, or that Gaius Baltar was slimy with the capability of actually doing the right thing, sometimes. The brutal humor was starting to show, too, like Number 6 and the baby. I'm also wondering how long it took to reveal that Boomer is a Cylon, because she's set up to be so sympathetic in this miniseries and I get the impression she's still sympathetic after the reveal, whenever that is. (And, um, yeah, I'm crushing on her a bit. Awk-warrrrrd, considering I know where this is going.) No complaints about the badassedness of Edward James Olmos as Adama. And I was mostly able to slot in the flashbacks, that were shown much later in the show's run, and figure where they fit among the Caprica bits that the miniseries showed. Okay, that's after Roslin's breakdown, I could think... Now I'll see how else the story ties in to this miniseries.

Galactica looks so clean in this miniseries, compared to its griminess later. Appropriate and realistic, when you figure how much abuse that ship suffers in the rest of the show's run. (The real-world Navy has the right idea with drab gray: it hides the dirt better! At least on the outside of ships!)

So: a decent start, and I know from people I trust like Mike Russell that BSG becomes both darker and more grimly hilarious. (Mike once described the events of Season One's premiere "33" to me and David Walker, and added "And then it gets worse.") And I think I can get behind that.

P.S. to the more informed Joss Whedon fans: I didn't spot where Serenity from Firefly was. Did the ship make its cameo in the mini or in the first season?

This kind of sums up the last couple of days.

Neil Gaiman wrote this in a web chat back on May 3rd, 2000 that I saved:
Elise, I think the most interesting thing about real life is that it doesn't fall into easy genre patterns. In the course of a week (hell, in the course of half an hour) you can stumble from tragedy to slapstick to soap opera to pornography to horror to courtroom drama to love story. There's sweet and sour in there.

That's part of it.

If you duck the horrible, then the beautiful means nothing. If you duck the beauty then the darkness is meaningless. And if there's no humour in the mix it's like a dish without salt.

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The last couple of days have kind of been like that. That's all I'll say. Sorry to be so non-specific, but at least I can quote Neil Gaiman on the subject, 'cause even when he's non-specific he's specific. Or something.

Anyway. Actual stuff done today: visiting with Mom, hitching a ride with her to the Hawthorne neighborhood for bank, library, and grocery store errands, treat-lunch and computer time at Southeast Grind (this place has potential (this is NOT A PAID PLUG)), more computer time at the downtown library, riding the buses on the reopened Transit Mall for the first time in over two years, passing lots of people camped out on lawn chairs for a parade tonight, and finding another present at Powell's that friends of mine will appreciate. And not getting sunburned while doing it. I also had my not-yet-complete experience watching the Battlestar Galactica miniseries.

Meanwhile: A lot of you are in my thoughts for a lot of reasons. Be okay.