June 10th, 2009

NCC-1701 Regula

My spam is problematic.

Has anyone been getting any funny spam?

It's been desperate and grim, the spam I've gotten lately. (And I'd have to make massive lifestyle changes to find what's described in the spam hot. It's about as far from my prurient interests as I am from Fiji.)

I miss the kind of spam that popfiend can make fun of (he writes responses to funny spam that are funnier than the funny spam).

It goes in cycles, I know. Spam got both grim and political right around the election, and that was disappointing. (And I do not find politics sexy. Some do; I don't.)

I'm almost tempted to try and write fake funny spam. This would be a desperate measure. And I'm lousy at deliberately spelling badly, so there's that...
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Alicia exists! Here's photo proof!

Considering I mention her a lot, and am still friends with her 13 years after we met, and am wondering if anyone's thinking she's the girlfriend-who-lives-in-Canada sort of delusion, I may now say No! My friend and former girlfriend Alicia exists and I can show you her!

And show you her I shall.

Alicia, my friend and FSO (Former Significant Other)

I came up with the title "FSO" for her after someone I trust said sage words: "Never call them your 'ex.'" "Ex" is a harsh sound that suggests harsh feelings, and though Alicia and I didn't work as a couple I'm still glad I know her. And I thought "FSO" sounded nicely military, which amused me.

Now I don't have to resort to saying "Alicia kind of looks like a longer-haired and less curvy Faye from Questionable Content." I can simply point people here.

And yep, I still think she's phenomenally cute. :-)
Whale fluke

Being for the benefit of stagger_lee77, soon after her birthday

Brain-lapsed, I did, and didn't write this earlier when it was still her birthday on the East Coast (so now for her it's Birthday Plus 1), but:

Happy birthday, stagger_lee77!

You're wonderfully well practiced at being a smartass. (First I was going to say "You've raised smart-assedness to an art form," but that sounded trite and you deserve better than trite.) I'm guessing you have a big laugh, and whatever size your laugh is, I hope you get to use it plenty. (Quick, supremegoddess1! Say something to amuse her! You're good at it!)

May the hockey gods give you good fan-recuperation time this off-season. And it's good there's plenty of concerts and music in the meantime. Good thing there's no playoffs for your favorite musicians! They can just keep making music...
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