June 24th, 2009


Break the fast!

If you break it down, "breakfast" is actually a pretty dramatic word.

Unless you get up in the middle of the night for snacks, or you can eat while sleeping, you wake up having not consumed anything for (one hopes) several hours. You've been fasting. Breakfast ends that. It "breaks" it. And your body (one hopes) thanks you by getting more awake. You get more ready for the day! You may not be so ready had you not -- wait for it -- Broken the Fast!

In related news, my just-after-waking banana and apple juice taste really good.
Whale fluke

Birthday catch-up

Sloppy, is what I've been with the birthday greetings lately, and I've missed a couple.

Yesterday's was ixzist's, a fellow Portlander who's also amused by things. I hope your birthday amused you. And that your food amused you, too.

And -- this was really sloppy, and I apologize -- 28 days ago was skitty's, a New Yorker who's making a concerted effort to process the world through her posts and has been doing an interesting job of it.

Happy birthday, ma'am. How has the last just-under-a-month of your new year gone?