June 25th, 2009


Something Joyful

The power of popfiend compels me! The power of Popfiend compels me!

See, popfiend has asked us to share something joyful, so:

I get joy from my family.

I get joy from my friends.

I get joy from knowing Mom and Dad were able to do an impromptu trip to the Oregon Coast yesterday to watch the historically low tides the Coast is having.

Heck, I get joy from the Oregon Coast. It's one of ny favorite places and I visit when I can.

I get joy from seeing family and friends of mine doing their best to do the right thing. That's my effort, too. I hope I'm succeeding enough.

"...the undirected heartfelt prayer of please."

Nothing to add about the deaths today of Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. There. My obligation to mention these deaths is fulfilled. On to something else:

Iran is still in an uncertain situation. And I love what shadesong said about it this morning, and wanted to repeat it:
Is horrifying and trainwreck mesmerizing. I'm still reading #iranelection on Twitter, but feel that it's ecalated beyond my ability to have any real effect with my retweets; it's harder and harder for Iranian tweeters to get to Twitter to get the info spread, and the mainstream media has finally picked it up.

So I read #iranelection [on Twitter], and Andrew Sullivan, and wonderful posts like rm's, and I ponder. I try to extrapolate. I wear green. I send the undirected heartfelt prayer of please.
iAm iSaid

Wrong office, Chris

Chris? Hi. It's Chris. Your current workplace is not the place to say, when the radio briefly goes silent, "They've added John Cage to the playlist."

(And the hunt to find stuff I actually can joke about with my co-workers goes on...)
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