June 27th, 2009


Serenity and Leverage. (Title's simple, but it does the job. I'm still waking up.)

I'll be going to the Special Hell.

For the non-Firefly fans who know not what I mean, know now: I have a ticket to tonight's late-night charity screening of the movie Serenity. People are encouraged to get drunk and mouthy, and to yell at the screen, at the "Special Hell" screening.* Should be a hell of a thing. This is the sort of thing Portlanders will do for charity.

I went out and bought my ticket last night, bussing up to Cinema 21 where the shows will be and purchasing so that I'd already have a physical ticket. Lollygagged through NW and downtown Portland afterward.

And I finally (finally) ran into production of the show Leverage, which was shooting on SW Broadway a couple of blocks from Pioneer Courthouse Square. I'd been following Wil Wheaton's set reports from his week on the show, and have been enjoying the simple fact that this fun show was using Portland as its location this season, but I felt I needed to see it happening to be sure it, well, was happening. Still haven't ran into Gina Bellman, though.

Anyway. Special Hell. I think I'm going to enjoy being there, but I probably should take a nap before then.

* "...you will be going to a very special Hell. One reserved for child molesters, and people who talk at the theater." So said Shepherd Book.
Whale fluke

robyn_ma. The Name Is Legend.

It Is A Birthday For A Massachusetts Librarian Of My Acquaintence Name Of robyn_ma.

Robyn Deserves Something Formal And A Little Victorian, Such As This Capital-Heavy Message I Am Writing Right Now. Thus, This Capital-Heavy Message I Am Writing Right Now.

She Is Surrounded By Love And Pets: Multiple Cats And Multiple Dogs Live Together In Robyn's Home.

She Is Also A Thoughtful, Often Surreal Writer, As Well As An Appreciater Of Cat Macros And Gorgeous Long-Haired Ladies Bathing. Which Sounds Very Victorian When Expressed With Capitals Like This.

She Also-Also Introduced Me To The Pleasures Of LiveJournal, Which Has Become A Big Part Of My Life Since I Started Reading Hers (And Others') In 2004. Many Of You, I Met Directly Or Indirectly Through Her. This Is Good.

I Hope This Is A Felicitous Day Of Birthday Celebrating For robyn_ma. I Am, And Remain, Glad I Know You.