June 30th, 2009

Blow My Mind

I *did* get off the phone before I said

"Congratulations, you are officially too stupid to enter online."

(Guy called twice asking for help entering a dog show through the company website. I was worried by the time I knew we were looking at the same page and I was telling him exactly what link to click on and he was reading other links and asking if those were the links I meant. When he called back I told him just to enter through the toll-free phone number. Then, well you know the rest.)
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Today was a draining day at work

And we have maybe two more days of madness before things quiet down.

I had a long, and draining, enough day that I want to remember what was good during it. There was good:

The weather's been good and comfortable.
We got to visit several enthusiastic dogs.
I got to hear Shawn Colvin live on the radio covering Gnarls Barkley's Crazy."

Now, I'm home. And tired. But I can relax now. Another good thing.