July 23rd, 2009


shadesong gives you a Chance to Do Good

From Saturday to Sunday, shadesong will blog for 24 hours straight for the fundraising event Blogathon.

She is raising money, via donations and auctions, for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, for which she volunteers.

You can help: by donating, bidding, and reading. Want to know how and where to do that? Click on these links:

Main post: http://shadesong.livejournal.com/3907512.html
Sponsorship link: http://www.blogathon.org/pledge.php?blogid=58
Auctions: http://community.livejournal.com/blogforbarcc/

I'll be reading,* same as I have the previous three years of Blogathon.

Best of the good luck, shadesong.

* I may duck out on Saturday evening for a few hours to attend the last weekend of "Trek in the Park," but I'll definitely be reading before that and after that.

ETA: shadesong updates here:
Offers of Blogathon incentives are coming in. zarhooie will give recipes to everyone who sponsors me - so hey, I will too! Phoe is throwing knitting stuff in for the drawing.

All sponsors will get a three-story set from me: "My Empire for Ashes", in whatever form it's in next week. "Undertow", the leanan sidhe story last year's sponsors got. And the version of "Fortune" that has been, until now, available only in Ravens in the Library.

If you sponsor me or buy auction stuff for $100 or more? You get custom flash fiction or poetry.

And my contribution to the drawing? A copy of the Wind Tunnel Dreams trade paperback, with your custom flash or poetry handwritten in it. And we'll see what else I can dig up.

Blogathon is two days away.
Whale fluke

Tara Dublin speaks truth

Tara Dublin, who's rebuilding her career after being fired from 94.7 Alternative Portland, has eloquently ranted at Oregon Media Central about what's wrong with radio.

Read it all if you care about who and what you hear on the air. And I think a lot of you do. (I was going to quote from the piece, but then I realized I basically wanted to quote the whole thing.)

Tara has more thoughts at her blog, over at Tara Dublin Online.
Whale fluke


Part of me wants to post that I wish so much shit wasn't happening to my friends.

Part of me worries that's tempting fate to make more shit happen to my friends.

To speak incredibly vaguely: friends of mine are hurting right now. And beyond a general statement I'll make now -- GET BETTER, YOU SITUATION, YOU -- that's all I'll say here and now.