July 30th, 2009

Blow My Mind

Whither weather? Will we wither?

Maybe not. It's actually cool-ish and breezy this morning, finally. Weather reports are that we're past the worst of the heat wave, which is good because the worst was 106 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

Often I have not-completely-satisfying sleep when I have my windows open. Sleep with open windows was more satisfying this time than before. Thank goodness.

I didn't leave open the window right next to my bed. I don't like my head being that exposed. It's psychological, though: I'm just as close to the outside whether that window's open or closed. If I had a burgler or a stalker outside that window, they'd still be hella close. It's that "tiny pane of glass" (quoting Pearls Before Swine there!) that provides some, I guess, psychological insulation.

But now that I'm awake, that window (one of my biggest windows, by the way) is open and letting in breeze. This relieves me.
NCC-1701 Nebula 1


Today had the potential for my office to get stampeded by drama llamas. One particular REALLY big job had to happen that hinged on my -- let's be sure I get the tense correct -- having made as few mistakes as possible during the past, oh, four weeks. Four dramatastic weeks that have been alternately busy and dead, which is a pace I'm still not used to. I've been checking and re-checking and re-re-checking my work, because I have made mistakes, frustrating ones that have gotten me called on the carpet. Mistakes I was surprised I had made, the "How did I do that?" sort of screw-ups. And today was a moment of truth.

We weathered it mostly fine.

(I managed to avoid gloating over a particular mistake I've made in the past being made this time by the very person who'd really gotten on my case for making it. I know that the temp never gets to gloat. Openly.)

I treated myself to a late lunch -- the job in question was a complicated proofing/correcting job that took over two hours in the middle of the day, from about 10:30 to just before 1 -- and let me tell you, that Taco Bell bacon and cheesy potato burrito with a lemon-lime soft drink was especially satisfying.

The pace at the office became MUCH more manageable after that, and will stay relatively manageable for a while. And I think I've been through a trial by fire that helped me burn some bad habits out of myself.
Cartoon Chris

Look at the size of my culpa! It's huge!

I used to denounce Twitter. Now I have a Twitter feed. I must come clean about the process that led from that to that.

I probably paid no attention to Twitter (launched in 2007) until this year. When Mike "Culture Pulp" Russell announced last February that he'd gotten one, I'd seen enough of it to have thoughts I posted in reply to Mike's post:
I shall not tweet!
'Tis not my thing.
My thoughts must sprawl
like word-y bling.
So few characters:
No room to fling
What I must say
Needs not to be spurted out across the Internet willy-nilly one-sidedly and cryptic and giving me even more to read when I already feel like I have so much to read so I won't do it. Uh, clattering.

(I whipped that up in like two minutes. That's what my quick writing looks like.)

I soon predicted a dire consequence of my trying to Twitter:
I use it, it'd degenerate into the "I've got two legs from my hips to the ground" level of basic, basic info. (Or writer's block on Twitter, which would just be sad.)
That, heh, hasn't happened.

So I have come clean. I'm having fun with Twitter, and it gets me writing quickly and keeps me writing at times when I feel I'm too brain-fried to write substantive LJ posts (which I do prefer to do). I'll continue to have fun both there and here, as Twitter and LJ scratch two different writing itches. I wouldn't be using LJ to list failed Star Trek episodes, but I have on Twitter. That's part of Twitter's fun: quick collaborative comedy, as Mike's pointed out.

And I've seen Twitter used as a tool for getting the word out about the scary times in Iran, so there's seriousness among the sillies. It's just as possible to be serious 140 characters at a time as it is to be funny. When that saga began, I was impressed by both the Twitter system and the people using it.

Plus, as a media junkie, I've been using Twitter to connect more with various media people, especially the good crew of media people here in Portland. (Byron Beck, Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts and his girlfriend, honorary media person Bobbie Winchell, were among my first "followers," those who started reading what I was Tweeting. My very first: my friend Yendi in Massachusetts. Credit where credit is due!) It seems especially well suited to that crew.

So. I understand now, Dr. Chandra. It's all clear now. I have been assimilated. Resistance is futile No! Wrong way to look at it!

And now I'll link to this from my Twitter feed, to show I'm honest about this stuff.

Feelin' hot, hot, hot

Gee, I thought weather as hot as we've had this week was supposed to deaden the sex drive, huh?

Well, my thoughts remain sexy, I will tell you. Though lately they're often along the lines of "that's what you should do if you don't want to get too close to your partner's body heat or touch too much right now." (Hey! BJs could be perfect for this!)
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