August 14th, 2009

Flavored Calories.


Downtown at the Fox Tower Pizza Schmizza, because I've been craving a slice, and the guy working the storefront says he wishes the company renamed its Hawaiian pizza. (It's currently the "Don Ho." He thinks not enough people know who Don Ho was. I think maybe it'd be in bad taste to keep calling it that after Don Ho died, kind of like Michael Landon's ads that kept running after Landon died.)

It hits me: pineapple? Canadian bacon? The Hawai'Eh. The storefront guy liked that.

If Pizza Schmizza starts calling its Hawaiian pizza the Hawai'Eh, THANK ME.

It's been a good day

A convergence of events meant that the dog show office had to close today, so I've been taking advantage of the day off.

I slept in (huzzah! I can do that!) and eased into the day.

I had a half-hour phone chat with a financial advisor.

I left, caught a bus and then another bus in surprisingly quick succession, and got up to OHSU where I used to work, and visited my former co-worker Roman. (That, by the way, is pronounced "Roh-MAHN.")

I got some library time. (That's the least exciting line in this post.)

I ate lunch and, maybe, inspired somebody. Woo hoo!

I then bussed back to my neighborhood, making one last stop: the main TriMet office, where I worked from October to January, where I said hi to former co-workers. They like me. They like my VanDyke beard. One of them barely finished greeting me before adding "You've lost weight!" Soon I was eating leftover ice cream. Coincidence? Possibly not! Good timing? Definitely.

And it's a quick and easy trip from there to here, the apartment, so here I am.

It's been a good day.