August 15th, 2009

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Happy Birthday, terri_osborne!

Someone who deserves a salute is celebrating her birthday today, so I'll salute --


(really, I did)

-- and say Happy Birthday to terri_osborne!

Keep your enthusiasms, your collapse-worthy sense of humor, your determination to get words in the absolutely right order dammit, your love of men with strong arms hitting balls with bats, your serious love of history, your offbeat thoughts (your tendency since childhood, I've heard), and all the other cool things about you.

All the best. You've frickin' earned it.

Enjoy Pi-Con next weekend!
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An interesting revelation about my former hospital job

My reasons for quitting my hospital transcription job last year are a little complicated, and I'm still not sure I've ever fully conveyed why I decided to leave. I had issues with my officemates, and honestly there was less work for me to do in my last half-year there; then the hospital's transcription manager (someone I really had issues with) and the company I worked for talked and decided there wasn't enough correction work to justify keeping me on-site anymore. Which led to me working via the Net from home, with some hospital-specific duties and more general duties for my company. That didn't fit, either, and I gave my two weeks' notice after one week of doing that, and let me tell you, my stress levels plummeted after I decided.

Talking to my former supervisor Roman yesterday, I learned something interesting: there probably was enough correction work to justify keeping me at the hospital. Which makes it possible that the manager who I didn't like was giving a false or at least incomplete picture to my direct bosses.

A couple of months after I'd moved offsite and then quit, that manager resigned. (By the way, it turned out that she'd turned in and then taken back resignations four or five times in the less than two years she worked for the hospital. At least once she resigned on a Friday and then returned to the job the next Monday.) I think of that and what I've since learned, and wonder: what if I'd been able to stick it out for those few months? Would I have had a chance to return? Would I still be working there today? As difficult as that job could often be, I was glad I was doing it; I felt I was helping a good place do good work. And it is a good hospital; I've felt that ever since I first was taking my dad's parents to eye doctor appointments up there in the mid-1990s, nearly a decade before getting paid to do so.

There's probably some level of sour-grape-ing in these thoughts. It's a little conspiratorial and defensive. But I didn't like how I was treated near the end, especially in that last month; I think I've earned the right to be defensive about it. And I'll add this: Roman suggested I apply for work at the hospital again -- now that it seems to be past a wave of layoffs -- and I'll tell you, I'm tempted. Especially with that manager I didn't like being gone. My issues with other hospital people were NEVER as big as my issues with that particular person. And I could even manage to work with her. If I could do that, I could handle being there again.

It's food for thought as I figure out what I should do to keep earning money.
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Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

A good day for walking: low 70s, and the kind of mostly cloudy where there's still a bit of a breeze and the clouds aren't oppressive. So walk I did. Including down to the wildlife refuge near the apartment, dodging bicyclists while reading (and sometimes reciting from) Caitlin R. Kiernan's The Red Tree.

It's also a good day for football. Seattle's playing San Diego, and since I like both teams (yep, even the Seahawks after that bad season last year) I figured there was a good chance I'd be happy with the game. And I have. Ah, it's comforting having football again.

It's also also a good day to listen to Days of Future Passed by The Moody Blues. This is because I just got a copy from the library (thanks to rafaela recommending it). There's a warmth to the music that's appealing: reminded me of the sort of orchestral warmth Michael Kamen liked adding to a lot of songs.

It's also also also a good day to cook, even if it was really basic cooking. Pasta + milk + garlic salt + pepper + cilantro leaves from a McCormick/Schilling container (i.e., chopped by someone Not Me a long time ago) = a good and basic saucy pasta dinner with bite! I can have simple tastes. Helps keep costs down.

So: satisfying. I feel good. This is nice.