September 8th, 2009

TOS: NCC-1701


True words I spoke last night to my friend slipjig: "I really want to write long again." Long entries that I can consider and perhaps even draft over a while before posting. I should do that with pen and paper. The thoughts are there. I'm so used to doing journal entries that I'm thinking the thoughts, just not getting them down.

Computer situation may be getting better, soon, so doing what's in the above paragraph may be possible. I'm grabbing computer time at a library at the moment. Oh, crap, that sentence wasn't interesting. I do worry about suuch things.

Meanwhile, read Caitlin R. Kiernan and Co.'s ideas for what H.P. Lovecraft-inspired pizza would be like. This makes me laugh more than maybe it should. (Be sure to read the comments, too.)

P.S. Now I'm craving pizza.