October 19th, 2009

Me 2 (B&W)

And now a substantial post:

(Slightly edited from an e-mail I sent my folks:)

I've given notice at my dog show company job, so Friday 10/23 will be my last day. I'm then going to take the next week off to rest and recharge. In November, I'll start a special assignment at another company I've been in touch with -- kind of a test job working on a special project. If all goes well, that would grow into a full-time job.

(In the meantime, I will keep in touch with Manpower, my temp agency, about other possible part-time stuff, but my first priority is getting a vacation -- my first in over a year. My time out of work in the spring doesn't really count.)

Last week was a difficult week for me at the office, and Friday I was close to certain it was time to end. I was 100% sure by today, so I e-mailed my Manpower rep and then spoke with the heads of the dog show office. They knew I'd been looking into new work, and feel good about the work I did for them, and feel okay about me moving on.

So much of the problem at this job has been one particular co-worker I'll call "R" who does not like me, and has treated me very unfairly. I don't remember if I've told you much about her, but I'm sick of her treatment and want to get away from it. This gets me away as quickly as reasonable (i.e., without me just saying "I quit" and marching out). "R" is never going to change her mind about me being a full-of-crap liar and idiot -- and by the way, she's used all of those to describe me (and always when we're the only people in the front office, so no one else knows she's said that). I can't argue with her, and I shouldn't have to. And even though I know I'm a honest person who tries to do a good job, the constant poking makes me second-guess so much -- and I hate the feeling that no matter how I do the job, I'm going to get something wrong that'll just reinforce her negative feelings about me. It's America's favorite game, You Can't Win*.

You can tell I've thought a lot about this stuff.

That and needing to hand-hold a lot of neurotic Type A dog show people over the phone has worn me out. So. After I wrap up this job, I'm taking a mental health break. Stay-at-home vacation. I need that. I can afford it. I'll also start learning PowerPoint, a needed skill for the next job.

My life is an odd life. It's time to do something else with it.

* Anyone else remember the film that's from? Bad film that I never saw all of, but I saw that in its trailer and NEVER FORGOT IT. (The film was Stay Tuned.)
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Maybe the only time so far I've had two friends share a birthday

Close-to-belated Happy Birthdays to:

smwance, who's riding this economy with the crazy confidence of a guy who knows how to ride motorcycles! Keep up the good work,and keep enjoying it.

zarq, newshound and parental guider! I hope the hugs were especially good today. In fact, I'm picturing your twins hugging your legs. Do they do that? Keep up your good work, and keep enjoying it.