October 22nd, 2009

NCC-1701 Regula


Circumstances don't match the mood. What I mean is, I feel a little down and I'm not entirely sure why. This happened in my dreams last night, too. Some of the dream was in an office; a more interesting part of the dream was me in a Washington, D.C. Metro station, having trouble getting out of the station. Finally was able to leave via something disturbingly like a combo escalator/chute, which (defying the real world as dreams can be good at doing) went downward from the station yet deposited me alone on a ledge of a white-marble building overlooking one of the prettier areas of D.C. I went lower to get higher, and somehow that worked.

Actually kind of a pretty dream, but odd; makes me want to analyze it. Not being able to get to where I wanted to go (I clearly hadn't wanted to be on that ledge) is probably significant. I seemed to be waiting for something. And now I'm getting bored just describing it, so maybe I should wrap up the dream-description part of this entry.

Another odd week, one of many I've had lately. A source of that oddness is going away (longtime readers can likely guess what I'm talking about), but I've felt worn down by the last few months. That's probably what's hitting me now.

Time to go all Quo vadamos? (if the spelling's correct) and figure stuff out. Things are changing. I'm making changes. I'm dealing with other changes. Dealing while with a lower reserve of energy than I'd like, but that's true for lots of you.

Anyway. Today is a day. Stuff will get done. And I hope I'm more awake and not as moody while doing it.
Good Omens

Fork me

Cripes, I just poked my tongue with a fork.

Okay, right now spoons are my friend....

(Don't worry. No blood. Not poked that badly. Still, my coordination, I wish I could show you it.)

This is someone's song.

Much on the radio at the moment (at least on KINK FM) is The Avett Brothers' "I and Love and You." You can tell there's a story behind the lyrics. Of course, one of the points of lyrics is that other stories can be linked to them; whatever inspired Paul McCartney to write "Yesterday," those lyrics become general enough that they can apply to many people's stories. And the story in "I and Love and You" is likely a hard-fought story. And, like many love songs, it doesn't necessarily have a happy ending.

I doubt it will become a wedding song. But that's only one measure of a love song's worth. But it made me imagine a scenario: love, hard-fought.

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Three words that became hard to say.
I and Love and You.
I and Love and You.
I and Love and You.

I imagine someone playing the song to a certain person. And then saying to that person, "I'm glad they're easy to say now: I love you."

I want, for as many people as possible, for those words to be easy to say.
Whale fluke

"I don't have to do that ever again."

Thursday mornings are kind of stressful at the office where I'm wrapping up my temp assignment. I got through the stressful parts. And then I thought to myself, "I don't have to do that ever again."

On Thursday mornings first-thing we type in the very last-received entries for the dog shows that are closing that week, then we proofread every single entry we have in the office for those shows -- make sure the entries match the typed-in records. MANY ways these two jobs can get complicated and stressful, ways I won't enumerate because, again, "I don't have to do that ever again." I spoke truth.

And THAT lightened up the day. I became less emo. (I also later wrote the phrase "Emo Spoons," which I think could be a good name for a band. Or what Judy Tenuta liked her ex-husband to do when they were still married.)

Yes, I'm in an odd mood. A touch goofy, plus a little emotional, plus glad I'm not going through what the participants of Survivor go through. (Yep, I just watched.)

As I've sort of said before, what's next is...what's next.