October 26th, 2009

Whale fluke

Christopher Walsh likes this.

Just written by me, chris_walsh, in a Facebook post by former Portland DJ Jaime Cooley talking about her new Phoenix radio gig:
Kick ass. Over the radio waves, which don't transmit feet, but you know what I mean.
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Me 2 (B&W)

Being for the benefit of my ego

Good stuff:

1) I'm no longer at that job. That job that was making me nuts.

2) I took advantage of that to go out this morning and visit the central TriMet office, where I worked from October '08 to the end of January, and had happy visit time with some of my former co-workers.

3) Several of those former co-workers even asked if I was coming back. A week and a half ago, the office got in touch with my temp agency and said We need someone. Is Chris available? I wasn't, and they got someone else, but the fact that they thought of me and thought of me well made me feel better. Because...

4) Most people who know me, trust me.
Good Omens


From Asylum, the entertainment company that knocks off major films with its direct-to-DVD crap (Transmorphers. I shit you not. Nor do I shit you about its sequel, Transmorphers: Fall of Man), brings us Sherlock Holmes. And enormous monsters.

(Thanks, rm! From here.)

The company also is aping 2012 with its film 2012: Supernova. Direct quote from the site:
2012: SUPERNOVA When a star in a nearby galaxy becomes unstable and goes supernova, an astrophysicist puts together a dangerous and desperate plan to sheild the Earth from the destructive burst of radiation heading toward it.
Yes, "shield" is misspelled and now a supernova one galaxy over can destroy us all. THE BAD SCIENCE, IT BURNS. (I'm not sure A GALAXY EXPLODING would harm us, unless it were ours.)

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