November 5th, 2009

NCC-1701 Regula


I continue to feel my way into this job. I'm calling it "the test job": I really am doing it on a sort-of-trial basis. Going to see if I can actually do it. Each day I've worked so far has been not quite the same; on Tuesday, we had hacksaws out cutting off the ends of these long aluminum tubes that hold rolled-up banners, because what are supposed to be the ends of the tubes had in fact been pushed a half-inch or inch down into them and couldn't be pulled back out. Took some elbow grease and (for one of them) a co-worker holding the tube's other end. "I feel like I'm auditioning for Mythbusters," I said.

I'll keep trying different duties, and doing my best to be good at them. I have two particular goals: 1) Don't take this job for granted. 2) Don't let this job make me crazy. Having recently ended a job that was making me crazy, I know even more than usual that this is VERY important.

In other, and very good, news, Cat and Dmitri's not-so-excellent adventure in Germany is getting resolved and they'll get to be in Russia for a few days. Power of the Internet, folks. Use it for good.

In more neutral news, I was surprised that last night I dreamed about, among other things, a Robert Asprin Myth book that never got written. I actually got a little sad at that. Those are fun books, and Asprin died too young. The book had a baby Pervect -- or maybe a Pervect little person -- on the cover. My mind, it comes up with...stuff.

Portland geek meet-ups!

Two gatherings of Portland geekdom coming up tonight and tomorrow:

* Tonight: The triumphant return of Stephanie Stricklen! She's a well-liked KGW Channel 8 anchor who's been on maternity leave, and keeping a lot of us entertained via Twitter during her early adventures as a new mother.

Her main KGW job is as host of the 7 p.m. Live on the Square, so called because it's both live and broadcast from Pioneer Courthouse Square downtown. And a bunch of us will be in the Square to cheer her on when she broadcasts again.

* Tomorrow: Raising Arizona. The first post-KUFO edition of the Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie*. Doors will open at 10 Friday night, the film will start around 11, there will be beer and food and hanging-out, there will be Rick Emerson as a guest, and there will be more. All for just $3 admission.

* Fatboy Explains The Name: "okay, so: Midnight movie USED to start at midnight. 1) OLCC bitched about long-movies pushing past 2:30 2) people fell asleep. ...So we moved em to 11pm. You're still in the theater at midnight, hence we stuck with the alliterative name. I'm also not fat."
NCC-1701 Nebula 1

Why is this entry untitled? WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO KNOW.

"...I'll be mysterious!" For about 13 minutes.

I met KGW Channel 8's Steph Stricklen of Studio on the Square. I and many Portland geeks, celebrating one of our own getting back to work.

We were on her show tonight. Some of us were nice enough and equipped enough to hold their umbrellas over Stricklen while she did a report from outside the studio.

She had to run soon after her show to get back to her 5-month-old daughter, but hugs were had and handshakes were had (I shook her hand, at least) and baked goods were exchanged. (She'd baked a cake (or maybe brownies) for one of us, the guy who posts as The One True b!x. What other TV anchors give people baked goods?!) It was worth getting wet.