November 6th, 2009

Flavored Calories.

A different kind of sweet

(An admission, first off: I'm avoiding writing about last night's news. But it feels wrong not to acknowledge it, so this is as close as I'll get to said acknowledgment. Trust me, though, that I'm thinking about the people at Ft. Hood.)

Part of my rolling breakfast -- I tend to eat a bit at a time over a couple of hours -- is a homemade smoothie. Frozen berries, vanilla yogurt, a little sugar, a little oat bran for the fiber, and milk, blended 'til smooth or at least viscous. (Okay, Chris, that was a little icky. Move on. (But 'viscous' is a cool word-- (MOVE ON.)))

My last couple of smoothies have tasted different. It's likely the milk. I last bought a smaller-than-usual bottle of milk, that Darigold brand stuff, from a corner market instead of the supermarket, since the corner market was closer. And my smoothies tasted sweeter. Hmm. I wasn't adding overmuch sugar (at least I don't think so), and I was using the berries and yogurt I always use, so what was up? Darigold does make flavored milk, but I definitely hadn't gotten strawberry milk or anything like that.

Mystery solved, maybe: I hadn't realized it was whole milk. Usually I buy 1%, occasionally 2%, really occasionally skim. So. It's the fat. It's the fat holding onto sweet, sweet tastiness. And makes things taste different.

Back to 1% next time. My smoothies are probably oversweet anyway.

In other news, this time of the good kind, my folks are home from visiting their grandkids in Virginia, and are probably sleeping post-trip. Welcome home, folks!