November 19th, 2009

Whale fluke

Irregular River

Dream: In woods, crossing a creek bed, with different amounts of water coursing irregularly through different parts of the creek bed. Knowing, somehow, that the whole creek is liable to flood, but still trying to cross it, moving back and forth to avoid what water there is so far. Sometimes able to duck under an overhang that some of the water waterfalls over, and once again, avoiding getting swept away.

I kept avoiding getting swept away.
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Whale fluke

Slowly, more able to communicate

Thank you for your thoughts.

I felt a little odd and weird and "off" being so uncommunicative last night. I do believe I needed to be -- I needed that quiet time -- but I was in a mental tug-of-war between This isn't about me and Saying "This isn't about me" is kind of making it about me, isn't it? And my mind was going to difficult, maddening places that I won't recount, beyond my dream last night (only a tiny amount of which I shared). Still, I took it as easy as I could. And made sure to eat. Sometimes when stressed, I don't eat enough. I avoided that trap last night.

I'll keep taking care of myself. I hope all of you can keep doing your best at taking care of yourselves, too.