November 23rd, 2009


The Death of the Death of Venice

The citizens of Venice stage a mock funeral for their city.
For some time, the people behind the passionately pro-Venice website have promised that they would do something to show their pain if the city’s population dropped below 60,000. The exodus of real Venetians is recorded weekly in an illuminated display – the Venetian-counter – in the window of the Morelli pharmacy at Rialto. This month, for the first time, we are down to 59,984. The streets of Venice each day now hold fewer Venetians than tourists. maintains that Venice has not died a natural death but been assassinated by mismanagement, greed and stupidity. It comes down to housing. If the city does not provide houses for young couples, how can young couples provide new Venetians for the city?

In response to the sinking numbers, decided to do what Venice has always done in extremis: throw a masked party, in which the macabre would mix with the ironic, the burlesque with the profound...
Whale fluke

The next life-affirming thing.

Tomorrow morning, I will fly to Spokane for my Aunt Ruth Ann's memorial.

I'll join both of her daughters -- my cousins Stephanie and Allison -- all three of her sisters, including my mom and my Aunt Nancy Weare from Guam, and my brother T.J.

Don't know if I'll be able or willing to post much during this trip, but I will be there.

I will get back to Portland Wednesday morning.

I am grateful I will be able to go.
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Whale fluke

A day.

This day was productive.

This day was nervous-making until, early on, I asked for and got permission to do something I want and need to do.

This day was a day to do my best to think, to feel, to process, to get through something.

Now I hope for gentle sleep tonight and another day tomorrow of doing the same as above, just more so.*

More on the morrow, perhaps.

* Except for the asking permission thing. THAT'S accomplished. Doesn't have to be accomplished again.
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Without revealing too much about Les Plans Des Cort and Fatboy,

I won't yet say what their January Midnight Movie will be, but I will say that I kept my jaw from dropping only because I was brushing my teeth at the time and dropping jaw would've caused a mess.

I'll just add: Thank you for showing it soon, Cort and Fatboy.

(By the way, they're podcasting at that link. You need to know this. *nods*)

I'll post more about this closer to the show, but December's Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie will be The Nightmare Before Christmas. Preceding the film will be Tim Burton's short Frankenweenie. The usual standards apply: the first Friday of the month (Dec. 4th this time), Bagdad Theater and Pub, 21 and over, $3 a ticket. Doors open at 10, the movie starts at 11-ish. Many, many geeks will be singing "What's This?" Some more evil-minded geeks will be singing "Kidnap the Sandy Claws."