December 5th, 2009


Last night at the Bagdad: Out-Of-Context Theater Edition!

Me and Fatboy doing the Monty Python Masonic handshake; "Hobbit beer." "THAT will put hair on your feet!"; "Wow, even YOU smiled."; "The line is gonna go THROUGH THE PUB!!!"; "It was better with the lights out."; a VIP visitor named Jack Skellington; "Sooo-perrrr-mannnn."; "Remember Oliver Platt!"; "At least I didn't drink it first."; [Argh! A bunch of cool smart-assed comments Anna made that I'm blanking on! Anyone remember what she said??!)

And, thought by me but not said by me: "I did that with BEER in me!"
Flavored Calories.

Must look more like a wine person.

At the Bagdad last night, way early as I usually am for the Midnight Movie, I'd ordered dinner (spicy mac and cheese with chicken) and a glass of the Black Rabbit porter, with the glass to be delivered with the food. The bartender did so, and me being me I tucked into the food before trying the drink -- also noticing that it was in a different glass than usual, but not thinking much of it. When I turned my attention back to the drink, then I started thinking a little more about it. Doesn't look right. I sniffed. A wine smell. I picked up a menu and found that there was a Black Rabbit wine, too. I got the bartender's attention, and she apologized and took away the wine. I assured her I hadn't had any of it to drink, hoping that the wine wouldn't just get dumped out -- can the wine be put back in the bottle? -- and she brought a porter. A pint glass, not the smaller glass I'd originally ordered, but I decided not to make an issue of that. Then it was back to proper eating, drinking and reading (The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub) until Dawn Taylor and her husband Patrick showed up, and I moved to their table for a visit.

Made me realize: I'm not much of a beer person, but I am more of a beer person than a wine person. At family dinners I'm more likely to enjoy something sparkling and non-wine-y than the wine. (I'm flashing on a Trader Joe's sparkling pomegranate juice that I liked a lot one holiday meal.) However, honestly, I probably look more like a wine person than a beer person. Mostly, my outsides match my insides -- I live pretty honestly, I think -- but maybe I give off that sense that I'm a budding wine connoisseur. I'm still working on being a beer connoisseur, but that seems more my speed.

I can't think of an ending to this entry, so I'll quote Homer Simpson:
Dough, the stuff that buys me beer,
Ray, the guy who sells me beer,
Me, the guy who drinks the beer,
Far, the distance to my beer
So, I think I'll have a beer
La, la la la la la beer
Tea, no thanks, I'm drinking beer
That will bring us back to...
[sees glass is empty] D'oh!

The power of editing compels you!

Twitter leads to revision! Witness this exchange on Twitter between me (splunge2000) and Mike "Culture Pulp" Russell:
culturepulp The super-rough thumbnail sketches for yesterday's Do/Don't Holiday Guide, with occasional variant punchlines:

splunge2000 The line could've been just "Do you gift-wrap?" I'm always editing, I know that...

culturepulp Actually, maybe that would have been funnier.

culturepulp Yep, slightly funnier.
Mike revised the online "Mr. Do and Mr. Don't" 'cause of what I said! The change is in the fourth panel. As I then said,
splunge2000 You doing that brings me strange glee.
I also said
splunge2000 But if shorter and punchier is funnier, then why isn't **** funnier? (I can't think of anyone good for an example. HUMOR FAIL)
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NCC-1701 Nebula 1

My online friends make reading material.

And I bought some today! New, at Powell's in Beaverton, 'cause I'd gone out there to treat myself to Five Guys Burgers and Fries again (after my first time) and was in the neighborhood and I found the books and figured Why not?

I bought Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Wounds, which opens with Malefictorum by terri_osborne and has another novel (Security) by kradical. (And Keith, you edited this book, right? The credits ain't clear.) I also bought Boneshaker, cmpriest's steampunk alt-history destroyed-Seattle-with-zombies novel. (The name comes from a giant drill that malfunctions in the opening and wreaks havoc on 19th-century Seattle. I can think of other reasons something's named "Boneshaker." You are likely not surprised I can.)

The people I know online could probably supply all of my reading material. Y'all make plenty of it. Thanks.

I've rarely bought books this year. I can only immediately remember getting greygirlbeast's The Red Tree and used copies of kradical's Dragon Precinct (police procedural in a fantasy city) and David Gerrold's A Matter For Men, his first of the infamous War Against the Chtorr novels. (Come to think of it, is Gerrold on LJ, too? Somehow I wouldn't be surprised.) Felt like a nice splurge to buy again. Still in read-books-to-get-rid-of-them mode, which is a needed mode right now, but still. Okay, back to reading books. And then sleep.

Sunday morning additionals: I did buy a bunch of paperbacks and trades directly from kradical. Plus Fathom, another recent cmpriest novel (check out her word counts, she's prolific), and Some of Your Blood by Theodore Sturgeon, and Palimpsest by Cathrynne M. Valente (catvalente), and the short story collection A Is For Alien by, again, greygirlbeast. So, in fact, lately most of my purchased reading material has come from my LJ peeps. (Not Sturgeon, but I'm guessing you're not surprised about that.)