December 9th, 2009

iAm iSaid

Back to bed in a few minutes

Now we've reached the "no energy" part of the sickness, which means the body is doing its thing to get better (no more fever! Yay!) but doing any more than that makes the body get all Will Smithian and go "Aw HELL naw!" Which is about the only way I feel like Will Smith right now. Bleh.

I'd wobble if I tried going anywhere right now, and going anywhere other than this building means going out into temps in the teens, so, if I'm going to wobble, I'm going to do it in bed.

The Baron von Munchausen would probably approve of these dreams. Me, I'm just "Huh?"

How sick/well am I? I'm not sure. Not even my dream-self can decide, apparently, based on what it's been sending me. I don't remember any dreams last night, but this morning when I crawled back into bed for a few hours, my dream-self sent me:
  • a surprisingly loud Glen Hansard wearing a fake washing machine;
  • a very quiet and seemingly sulky Marketa Irglova (I wish I could say wearing nothing, but) wearing ordinary clothes, sitting inside a small lobby outside of which Hansard was setting up to sing;
  • drag queens in that same lobby;
  • an overheard phone call between my former boss at the dog show company and (apparently) her boss somehow concerning me;
  • a tense drive to/through L.A., tense for unknown reasons;
  • an office where Roger Ebert was in one corner office, using a voice machine to talk on the phone, and a family was in another part of the office, including a daughter who had a too-spherical head and had no eyes;
  • and me waiting inside the building where Sock Dreams (which really is located in Portland, by the way; its store is in Sellwood and its warehouse is a few blocks from the Ross Island Bridge (you know more now)), waiting for it to open because Something Important was inside. Apparently.
  • Yeah, all that in a couple of hours under the sheets, trying to heal. Analyze away!
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