December 13th, 2009

Good Omens

"So I'm watching James Cameron's brain explode for 3 hours?" "Exactly."


Born on March 4th, a day that sounds like an act. VERY apt. (About blubeagle!)

“Will you write a little something about me?”

blubeagle said that, when I asked for writing prompts, and I’m so fond of her that she wouldn’t even need to ask nicely. But she did! Even better!

* * *

I only know Magan because of the Internet. Turns out we’re a lot alike, and have even lived not too far from each other -- to the point we’ve wondered if we’re somehow twins born eight months apart -- but we only entered each other’s orbit due to an online forum that doesn’t exist anymore. It was a two-sided forum, one side for fans of Caitlin R. Kiernan (greygirlbeast), the other for fans of Poppy Z. Brite (docbrite). I started reading it at the very end of 2002, when I was a nascent Kiernan fan and becoming aware of Brite -- I wasn’t even as nascent in my Brite fandom then, but I caught up -- and the core of people who I’d later follow on LiveJournal were there.

Sometime in 2003, the first time I had direct word-to-word contact with blubeagle -- huh, put it that way, it sounds especially intimate -- she’d asked people to make her laugh. Without going into details, Magan really needed to laugh at that point. (Though her laugh can be a very quiet laugh, so even if she laughed, you might not hear it in person.) I told a story. I made her laugh. Oh, yeah, as if we forgot, THAT’S one of the best ways to connect to people! And we connected, indeed, lots of forum back-and-forth.

Then had no contact for months.

No worrisome or sinister reason: her computer went sneakers-up and she had trouble getting access to other computers to get back online. But I had no way to know that. Magan has health issues -- no, health subscriptions -- that, if they turn bad, can lead to advanced death (no stops at Slightly Dead or Mostly Dead). So I worried. I tried to figure out how to reach her again, and thought about her, and I hoped the people around her were taking care of her and that she was taking care of herself.

They were and she was. She got new computer access, she reached me, and we reconnected with relief. We’ve been in touch ever since, for longer than the first time we were in touch. Did I encourage her to get on LJ? I don’t remember what pushed her to join. But I got to know her better, and also her then-longtime boyfriend, now husband, Jerry (blusfrog). We support each other, and we make each other laugh, and she’ll even let me call her on the phone. She doesn’t like talking on the phone. At least not to most people.

We’ve yet to meet in person, or “meatspace” as our mutual friend shadesong would say. I’d hoped to do so last year, September 2008 to be exact; she and Jerry got married then, but timing and money issues meant I couldn‘t make it. But she’s met my friend S.J. “s00j“ Tucker. One degree of meatspace separation! We’re getting closer!

This has been a ramble dedicated to my good friend Magan.

Magan, if anything’s wrong or “off” in this, let me know, OK?

Sometimes even Audrey Hepburn swore

Avoiding a potentially frustrating experience by NOT watching Fargo edited and dubbed for television. Seriously, Ch. 32 is showing it. That story's rated R for reasons. Many.

Now I'm wondering what my rating would be. G, PG (the former M and GP rating, as explained here by my friend slipjig), PG-13, R, X, NC-17: those are my options, unless I invent one. (Rated BLIRST!) No great insight to say I can be all sorts of ratings: sometimes I'm G, sometimes I'm X. So are most people, and I can't think of anyone I know who couldn't be any one of the ratings based on the circumstances they're in. Heck, sometimes even Audrey Hepburn swore. (As Billy Wilder mentioned in Cameron Crowe's Wilder interview book.)

"Sometimes even Audrey Hepburn swore." Whoa: said that way, it almost sounds profound.

This entry? Not profound. Probably doesn't sound profound, either.