December 18th, 2009

Whale fluke

A relationship ponder

It'll be obvious if you're ever in my apartment: Me likes girls.

Without naming names, I've "set off people's gaydar" before. Not to the point of getting hit on -- or maybe I was, and was just too oblivious to notice, that can happen -- but I'm not always the most obvious heterosexual. Someone once admitted to having trouble imagining me being interested in anyone. To this person, it was easier to imagine I was practically non-sexual. Nope. Heterosexual.

Message to the women who've been interested in me, and I know they're around: Yeah, I'm really bad at noticing. As are many guys, but I can't use that as an excuse. I'm also slowly trying to be better at noticing. Be better at being social just in general, too.

Message to the men, if any, who've been interested in me: Not gonna happen. Sorry.

I'll figure this out. *hums "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones to get motivated*
Good Omens

R.I.P., Dan O'Bannon

Another passing: Writer-producer Dan O'Bannon, who wrote or co-wrote (among other things) Alien, Dark Star (a film I really like), the zombie film satire Return of the Living Dead, and Total Recall. Also had a hand in starting the career of James Cameron, working with him in Aliens even before Cameron had made The Terminator*. Also also one of the animators on Star Wars: he helped create the rebel's plans for the raid on the Death Star.

O'Bannon was 63.

* Sorry, my error: O'Bannon wasn't involved with Aliens, though original Alien producer Walter Hill was. It is true, though, that Cameron was hired to write and direct the sequel even before Cameron made The Terminator: I've seen the story treatment, which is dated 1983.

There's a lot more I could've cited about O'Bannon, who was a jack of all trades.
Me 2 (B&W)

Will I be Avatar-avid?

About to bed down for a pre-Avatar nap, because I'm old it's been a long week and I need more energy for a 3-hour movie in the middle of the night.

I doubt I'd ever want to meet James Cameron, but I approve of him being crazy if it's the way he makes the movies he makes. (Easy for me to say. I don't have to work with him or be married to him.)

G'night! See ya later!