December 22nd, 2009

Blow My Mind

Lost in their issues

Mind continues to bend under the weight of Lost, now that I'm watching Season 2. (I have the DVD sets through Season 4, thanks to friends of my folks. My parents, both Lost fans, are amused I'm finally experiencing it. As Mom said, "Confused yet? You will be.")

There was a potentially more-than-slight impediment I had to get past in order to like the show. At some point in Season 1 I had the thought Am I supposed to like anyone on the island? That season, at it throws the island's mysteries at you, also throws the characters' issues at you. Deep, dark secrets, all around, except for maybe Vincent the dog, and they're not dealing with those deep, dark secrets all that well as they're getting swamped with the new secrets of the island, and of course their being CRASHED AND STRANDED in a horrific, violent way is gonna throw anyone off. Not a happy time. So people's issues, because it's understandable in the situation and because it's required for Lost's plot, become more prominent and affect how these characters behave. But there was SO MUCH of it that, especially with me powering through the show, it became a little wearying. (Plus I knew that some of the plot questions raised in Season 1 STILL haven't been answered as of Season 5.)

It took just powering through, and letting the show's ideas, emotions and flashbacks accumulate, as it were, for me to get past that. More sympathetic details eventually come out for each character, not just the dark and difficult stuff. And as the characters get farther from the traumatic event that brought them to the island, they get both more functional and more cognizant of when their fellow survivors aren't functioning well. More of the characters are looking out for each other. I think I needed them to get to that point. Makes it a more complete experience, not just seeming like the setup of a vast cosmic joke. (Though I did find the opening scene of Season 2 to be a nicely-delivered joke. Mama Cass! And come to think of it, that opening scene kind of pulls off something Douglas Adams tried to do sometimes, which was have something that was funny at first and then show that it's something serious, which if successful makes the situation more dramatic: " meant this." So it works.)

I'm now about a quarter of the way through Season 2, just kind of letting it wash over me. Whatever issues I may wind up having with Season 2 (I know its reputation as a season that almost drove away a lot of fans), I'm invested now. Which I wasn't sure I'd be when I was about halfway through Season 1.

Some time among the word herds

Did some writing tonight that won't be online (at least not yet) in a way y'all can read. Won't say what it is, but some of you may be able to guess.

Productive week at work so far. Productive lunch today, too: I indeed reached the new food cart Big-Ass Sandwiches and happily ate a toasted roast beef sandwich topped with fries and Bechamel [sp?] cheese sauce, washed down with a mango Jarritos. I can get there and back to work with time to spare. Good for potential future visits to Big-Ass Sandwiches; I want to support them!

Meanwhile, don't mind me, I'm going to be asleep and thus less interesting for a while.