December 24th, 2009

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Where do you stand on opening Christmas presents early? For, against, have more complicated feelings about it?

My family's done very little of the early gift-giving. It never became a tradition; I think we did it maybe once or twice. Earliest tends to be the stockings (candy and a Mad or Cracked magazine), which kept me and my brother T.J. distracted -- well, distracted somewhat -- in the morning while Mom and Dad worked to awaken.

Cartoon Chris

Voice Post: Nothing in the Mist! Nothing took John Lee!

245K 1:13
“Good morning, everybody, and calling in from work, as I get settled. Haven't started yet, and I wanted to check in, and describe what I can see, which is almost nothing because there's a lot of fog in Portland this morning. Thick enough that when I was crossing the Ross Island Bridge on the bus, I could not see to the Marquam Bridge, the next bridge to the north, and usually I can. So from our view -- I *am* near a window, so I usually have a view -- I can see almost nothing at the moment. Still, it's kind of neat.

It will be a relatively -- this will be a shorter day than normal. I don't know exactly how long it'll be. But after that, I'll be home, and then after that, I'll get picked up and taken out to Mom and Dad's for Christmas. And I hope I'll be ready for Christmas. Be in the right mood for Christmas. So anyway, I wanted to check in, and I hope it's as good a day as it can be for all y'all.”

Transcribed by: chris_walsh
Me 2 (B&W)

*hugs you all*

Last Christmas present: taken care of.

A ride to my parents' home for Christmas: coming soon.

Happiness of all sorts, no matter what you celebrate.