December 26th, 2009


Christmas '09: the MOVIE experience!

Thursday night was my first-ever viewing of White Christmas. Nice flick, and it impressed me with the long takes -- sometimes with somewhat complicated action, other times with action more complicated like THAT GUY DANCING BACKWARDS UP STAIRS. I was tired enough that I faded before the ending, but it's safe to assume All Worked Out, 'cause it's that kind of film. And maybe my favorite dance was "Choreography."

The film didn't replace Singin' In The Rain in my heart, though. (I really want to see Singin' In The Rain again.)

Yesterday the family watched a bit of the sixth Harry Potter film, but our big Christmas Day '09 film? The Dark Knight. Devastatingly bleak for the win! (Hey, in the past the films this family's watched on Christmas Day are the Gary Sinese-John Malkovich Of Mice and Men and, another year, Three Days of the Condor. Hey, it's set at Christmas!)