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Because I wrote the first line back on the 7th and Daria Eliuk, who follows me on Facebook, said it sounded like it was from a poem:

by Christopher Walsh, 4/27/2018

I fear I'll write a poem even I don't understand
Obscure beyond obscure, a buried point
What if I overcompensate, escaping to the bland
The obvious, avoiding a disjoint
That seemingly stays meaningless, so readers who demand
A clarity of content to my thoughts
Will, unimpressed, dismiss these missives, read them not, command
That I be over-clear, words not in knots?
To try too hard, to overthink, so no one reprimands
Me for some failed word-age: is that right?
A fear of writing poems even I don't understand
At times will paralyze. But that? I fight.

"Obscurity is the refuge of incompetence." — Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land