January 5th, 2010


Gotta start somewhere

My first finished book of 2010: Joe Bob Briggs's A Guide to Western Civilization, Or My Story. Made me decide I prefer Joe Bob Briggs in short, column-length bursts. Means I'll keep my copy of Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In, and I'll keep remembering when he did MonsterVision on either TNT or TBS, I forget which, because the guy knows his stuff film-wise and is funny. And I'll pass along his life story, which I don't need to read again.
Me 2 (B&W)

A clean-shaven LIE.

There are apparently no recent photos online of me clean-shaven. I keep getting photographed with my VanDyke or that one time I had a mustache*. The most recent clean-shaven shot of me was from last March. But my Twitter icon and all of my Facebook images are of me with the chin-hairs, plus the above-the-lip hairs and the side-of-the-mouth hairs.

I am feeling like a poser. Or a poseur, depending on how fancified you want to get with your spelling. My online self's not matching my self! I just have to hope that I still look enough like myself for people to recognize me. I'm not hiding because of the lack of facial hair. Good thing I'm not Dr. Richard Kimble and needing to change my appearance to get a little ahead of Gerard. (But hey, it was nice to know Harrison Ford could grow that much of a beard. I can't, which is why I go with the VanDyke.)

At least I still sound like me.

* By the way, NEVER AGAIN. Mustaches do NOT work on me. Thus I won't have one anymore. I and many others are relieved.