January 17th, 2010


Hee. I'm still 12.

Via Kevin Smith: Canadian magazine changes its name. Its name was The Beaver.
As of this spring, The Beaver is extinct.

Not the big-toothed, furry rodent, but the name of the esteemed Canadian history magazine. Beginning with its April/May issue, the Winnipeg-based bimonthly, which has been called The Beaver for the past 90 years and has an estimated 150,000 readers, will be named Canada's History, its publisher announced Monday.

The new handle is not terribly, well, sexy. And that, it seems, is precisely the point. People have made naughty jokes about The Beaver moniker over the decades, and in our electronic age, spam filters have often blocked access to some of its Internet content...

[Research] found that the Beaver name was indeed deterring sales, both single-copy and subscription, especially among women and readers under 45. Moreover, the research indicated that “amongst Canadians generally, those that would subscribe to a magazine were twice as likely not to” with The Beaver as the title, publisher Deborah Morrison said...
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