January 30th, 2010

Whale fluke

There is a light that never goes out. Perhaps literally.

One of the apartment buildings facing my apartment building's backyard has a top-floor room (second floor, to be precise) where the florescent lights seemingly stay on all night. From my first-floor, one-building-over perspective, I can see nothing in the room. Nothing on the upper part of the one visible wall. Nothing on the ceiling beyond, of course, that light. I can see what I can see because either the window has no blinds or the blinds are never, ever drawn.

I've lived here for over seven years and I can't remember when that light wasn't on at night.

That building, it has a lot of turnover. (One time, the rumor in my building was, it was where a bunch of people were temporarily moved to after their suburban apartment building was closed for having a meth lab.) I doubt the same person has lived in that apartment for the years I've been able to see it.

So...that light. With my blinds drawn, the light doesn't bother me to the point of not being able to sleep, but it surprises me, staying on, keeping on, illuminating maybe something, maybe illuminating nothing -- what if nothing really happens in that room? -- and I wonder, what if something happens in that room?

What is that light needed for?

(No, it's not a grow-light.)

This is a ponderable. It's also probably an unanswerable. It's just simply there, making me wonder.

The light is off now.

Time to go back to the ponderables and unanswerables of Lost...
Whale fluke

A Lost-inder...

(...NO, Chris, just call it "a Lost reminder." Sheesh. You shouldn't always try to be clever.)

The sixth and final season of Lost begins Tuesday, Feb. 2. Portlanders can see it for free at the Bagdad Theater and Pub each Tuesday 'til the end. The first night the doors will open at 7:30. ABC airs an hour-long clip show summarizing Seasons 1 through 5 (so you have more than the extended Italian-American family's summation of it) at 8:00; the show airs at 9:00. 21 and older only, 'cause the place serves beer.

It will be hosted by Cort and Fatboy and presented by McMenamin's, the Portland Mercury and PDX.fm.
Cartoon Chris

Happy birthday, celticfeministw!

(Half an hour before midnight East Coast Time! Time enough for a post!)

Felicitous birthday wishes to celticfeministw, an early LJ friend (one of the first who I didn't find via the old Caitlin R. Kiernan phorum). She's one of the people I know with zoo experience. Also dog-fostering experience. She's one of the good ones, and I'm glad I know her.

I hope it was a good day, Cassie.